Previous experience

Experience with HPJ Energy

Energy Consultant (2017 – 2018) Providing independent expert consultancy in support of flexible generation and storage projects. Showing how such facilities supports the National Policy Statement for Energy issued by the government in 2011. Providing detailed technical analysis of how such facilities can be used to support power system security on the occasions when the output of renewable resources are low. Providing technical evidence to show how such facilities will produce significantly lower levels of CO2 in providing ancillary services (reserve and response) when compared with conventional CCGT generation. Representing wind generation facilities at Distribution Network operational forums.

Experience with National Grid System Operation

Business Transition Manager (2014 – 2017) Leading the implementation of a £100m portfolio of IT projects delivering major change to the NG electricity control centre to enable the nation’s power system to be managed in a safe, secure and economic manner. This has included heading up a multidisciplinary team of up to 150 people delivering large critical IT systems to enable the power system to be controlled in real time; developing new business protocols with other system operators to enable transmission circuits crossing national boundaries to be controlled; and working with 3rd party suppliers to introduce innovative working practices for coordinating control between transmission and distribution systems.

Business Strategy & Development Manager (2011 – 2014) Leading the business strategy team developing the future strategy for controlling the nation’s power system in a decarbonised world with high levels of wind, interconnection to Europe and active DNO networks. Leading SO Business and IT colleagues to develop the £350m Electricity Operations investment roadmap from the strategy that was then used in the 8-year Price Control submission to Ofgem. Participating in ENTSO-E working groups investigating innovative ways to transfer power reserve and response between synchronous areas so as to reduce loop flows within established synchronous areas and facilitate higher levels of renewable generation.

Experience with Department of Energy and Climate Change

Network Consultant (2010 – 2011) As part of government future pathways initiative, leading an in-depth study into how transmission and distribution systems might operate in 2030 with high levels of renewable generation, widespread storage and a SMART grid responding to customer demand. The study included understanding the impact of wide scale Electric Vehicle and Domestic Heat Pump installation on the capacity of the distribution networks.

Experience with National Grid Information Systems

IS Strategy Manager (2007 – 2010) Leading the IS strategy team developing the £250m IT Investment Plan in conjunction with the Transmission business for the 5-year price control submission to Ofgem. Running the governance process for Transmission and IT Executives to authorise Transmission business and IT projects. Developing business cases with Transmission and IT stakeholders for investment papers and managing IT project order book.

Delivery Manager (2004 – 2007) Leading a team of 75 delivering a £40m programme of critical IT systems into the gas and electricity control rooms. Actively managing 3rd party vendors delivering major components of the programme and leading the internal team integrating the new systems into the existing suite of systems and ensuring all necessary IT firewall and security systems where implemented correctly.

Experience with National Grid USA GridAmerica

Vice President of Operations (2001 – 2004) Heading up the establishment of a $15m start-up of the first Independent Transmission Company in the USA; recruiting a team, developing all the new business processes, and procuring new IT systems required for an innovative new independent transmission company. Once established responsible for managing the daily business of planning and selling transmission capacity across three states.

Experience with National Grid System Operation

NETA Business Lead Manager (2000 – 2001) Business Lead manager and Design Authority for the New Electricity Trading Arrangements project (NETA). I was responsible for the design of the process and functional changes that were required for changing system operation from classic central despatch to residual system balancing with self-despatch.

Operational Policy Manager (1997 – 2000) Leading a major cross company programme to overhaul the black start preparedness of the electricity network. This included undertaking black start tests (first time after privatisation), solving a myriad of technical problems and championing major changes to restoration plans, black start contracts and the Grid Code. Also responsible for developing the initial company thinking on how the power system might be operated in a self-despatch world and briefing National Grid board directors advising government and Ofgem on future options for electricity trading.

Technical Policy Manager (1995 – 1997) Leading the team responsible for determining system requirements for Ancillary Services (reserve and response) used setting in real time for the control of the power system and ran the team forecasting and managing the first system operation £200m incentive scheme.

Assistant National Control Engineer (1992 – 1995) Responsible for managing various real-time control processes required to deliver a safe and secure transmission system and for dispatching generation to meet national demand.

Operational Planning Engineer (1988 – 1992) Responsible for assessing the impact on both the economics and security of outage options for both transmission and generation in the South East of England.

Experience with CEGB Protection Department

Protection Engineer (1985 – 1988) Responsible for determining the protection settings of protection equipment used for protecting generation plant and transmission equipment in the field.